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You might not know your legal rights in California.
Dickson Trial Attorneys do.

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Dickson Trial Attorneys is committed to offering compassionate counsel and powerhouse advocacy for injured victims and their families.

Founding partner Matthew is a senior trial attorney and litigator who represents individuals and small business injured by the wrongful conduct of others. Matthew’s personalized approach to client representation includes working directly with his clients, personally returning phone calls, and providing attention to detail long forgotten in the world of law. In short, Matthew treats every case as a million-dollar case.

People choose to work with Matthew and Dickson Trial Attorneys over other firms because of the extreme passion for and relentless pursuance of the rights of his clients.

After a serious personal injury, you need a skilled and dedicated legal advocate to help you recover rightful compensation and help you get back on the road to recovery.  At Dickson Trial Attorneys, Matthew and his staff go above and beyond to seek the funds you need and deserve when you have been injured. 

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